I never updated.

It is now November and its been 3 months since I left Hawaii and returned to LA.
I miss Hawaii and i really want to go back, when? I have no idea, soon I hope.

Things I miss...
the reef
the ocean
reading at the beach everyday
660 Hausten St.
the shack
but mostly the people there :(


In Hawaii

I have been in Hawaii for almost 5 weeks now. It is amazing and I have no idea how I'm going to leave this paradise and return to LA. The internship has been awesome and I am so glad I chose the road less traveled. I think I have started to take care of myself a little more here than I have ever done in LA. I run an average of 12 miles every week and im eating special K. OK, maybe not a drastic change, but something is something. I decided to start blogging so that I don't forget some of the little things that are making me extremely happy here.

1. running along the ala wai

(I'll update)


my ford.

In case you were wondering about my blog address.
I present my favorite girl,